Apakah opsi biner diperbolehkan di rusia

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Setiap pedagang dapat menemukan pialang opsi biner dari negara lain – perusahaan akan menyediakan layanan dan memenuhi kepentingan pedagang apakah opsi biner diperbolehkan di rusia pasar. Ada beberapa broker terkenal di Belarusia. Dia dengan cepat naik di peringkat dinamis kami dan menguat di TOP 5. Baca Juga: Perusahaan Gas Negara PGN ajukan sejumlah insentif demi dorong pemanfaatan gas bumi Terakhir, pengguna diharuskan menebak dalam durasi yang tadi sudah dipilih, apakah pada saat durasi berakhir, harga indeks berada di atas atau di bawah harga saat memulai transaksi.

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Siapa yang memiliki dukungan teknis yang lebih baik Pemimpin opsi biner harus menjadi pemimpin dalam segala hal. Jumlah minimal apakah opsi biner diperbolehkan di rusia yang digunakan bergantung dengan assetnya.

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156 thoughts on “Apakah opsi biner diperbolehkan di rusia

  1. Rocky Balboa

    Grecce and Turkye ❤❤❤❤

  2. Pavlos Gyparis

    lets see….what will happen, too much of talking……………………..christians against muslims….

  3. Kaktüs Çıbanı

    War can not explain like this,war can not win by statistics,Victory needs soul and purpose.And greek just like not growing,crying baby nothing more

  4. atar vos

    If turkey is stupid enough 🙂

    There are a lot of people waiting for Erdogan to make that misstake. Who want to fighr in such a war. And greece will be supported by the eu, and thus nato

    And turkey his f-16 pilots are almost all in jail.

    • kuvikina

      ​@atar vos Go back to history and learn it over again but not from a Pseudo-Hellenic source. Those islands were taken either from Venetians, Genoans or St. Goerge Knights. There was nothing about Hellenistan and there will be none, thanks for breaching Lausanne and PPT47. Buy weapons as much as you like now and lets see if they stop the judgment day of your kins thievery

    • atar vos

      @kuvikina the only time they where occupied was when ottomans did set foot on those lands.

      Its time to learn erdigan the lesson his dream of a new ottoman empire is just a wet dream , and it will stay that way.

      We looked long enough away from his crimes, the time has come to deal with it. One way or another.

    • kuvikina

      Time to end Psuedo-Hellen occupation on Turkish islands, next time dont breach Lausanne which determines your borders!

  5. Murat Caliskan

    5 kilo portakal kazasınında bomba ile Fransız uçak gemisini batıran milletiz şimdide beş kilo armutla hallederiz…..

  6. Robert Röhm

    Lol. I hope Turkey tries.

  7. İsmail Kilic

    Hahaha grecee -🖕🖕france 😃😃 turkey ottoman empire 💪💪💪

  8. papas george

    We will retake ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥΠΟΛΗ and asia minor soon.

    • papas george

      @Onur Alp 2021-2022 END of turgay .

    • Onur Alp

      @papas george how many People do you have .in İstanbul 16 million Türkish People live .your population is 9 million. Muhahaha . You are living in Dreams. But you will take my little leg .

    • papas george

      @Onur Alp We will retake ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥΠΟΛΗ and asia minor soon .END of turgay

    • Onur Alp

      You will take my small leg .

  9. Christos

    You sat down and created a 16 min video without even searching which of these 2 countries has air superiority and whose country has locked up in jails most of its pilots and operates with 50 year old retired Pakistanis. Get youre facts right next time before saying such bs.

  10. Moeen uddin

    You took into account French involvement but forgot about Russia. Doubtful that Russians would let French(EU) escalate in Turkey. Seems biased.

    • Moeen uddin

      @Byzantine Nationalist I dont think English is your strong point. Read my statements again. Use a translator perhaps.

    • Byzantine Nationalist

      @Moeen uddin no, you dont understand geopolitics, turkey isnt an ally to russia
      they are rivals and supporting different sides in conflicts
      this has happened many times in history and always ended up with them fighting each other with russia winning most of the time
      this will happen again
      russia will not allow a neoottoman empire with nukes to expand
      it will invaded turkey while the turks will be fighting the west
      and the west will even join them to get pieces from turkey

    • Moeen uddin

      @Byzantine Nationalist just like they sided with Armenia lol … Its not that Russians are friends with Turks or are their allies … Turkish invasion by French (EU) would be taken as a direct threat to Russia. So Russia will never allow it to even escalate to that point where NATO had to get involved.

    • Byzantine Nationalist

      LOL the Turks have neo-ottoman ambitions and support ukraine. Russia would side with Greece if it decides to side with someone.

  11. Kara Ambient

    The only ones gaining from Greek-Turkish potential war are USA-Germany and France selling their weapons and Greek and Turkish politicians that are getting richer and richer stealing citizens money for the armed forces needs…If both countries politicians werent corrupted they would exploit domestic natural resources and could be superpowers….

  12. Murat Karabeyaz

    So so so many Turkish technologies missing from this video 😂🤭

  13. bestamerica

    both Gr and Tu are still beautifully countrys and people…
    both Gr and Tu are friendly great love neighborhood borderline…
    dont need to fights war each others…

    no wonder why why both countrys uses american currencys

  14. Mete Han Göktürk

    France, which locks Frances aircraft carrier with Turkeys electronic warfare system, will hit Turkey 😂😂😂 very funny

  15. Ottaman Empire Muhammed

    attack with your regiment, we can afford all of you…. strong turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇵🇰🇵🇰🇦🇿🇦🇿

  16. Alei abdelmguid

    Support Greece from Egypt our brothers

    • Turkey

      1516 1518 1833 and baibars is turk saved mamluks

    • Turkey

      @ApaleutosMits 1071 1453 kardak cryris,cyprus operation,1922 1071 before more wins 1453 before more wins 1897….

    • ApaleutosMits

      Greetings from Greece my brother,together well make our neighbourhood peacefull and prosperous.

  17. None of your Business

    Turkey’s military is a gutted mess and a paper tiger. The SAA wiped the floor with them in Idlib.

    • kut dem

      @None of your Business It is just better to not have experienced generals than generals that are puppets of an islamist terrorist. Sharia law was on its way with that coup attempt. Turkey would eat SAA. But we dont play a game here right, there are bigger shots that want syria, but Turkey sure is a player in Syria. I am not an erdogan supporter, but I believe in Turkish army and our arms industries.

    • None of your Business

      @kut dem the imbecile running turkey has purged most of the experienced generals and officers ever sense the coup attempt and he still continues to arrest them and promote loyalties that are not skilled enough to lead boy scouts. Throwing money at militaries means nothing on the field. Saudi Arabia is getting humiliated by Yemen and the kingdom spends way more then turkey. Why is turkey afraid to fight against the SAA to this day?

    • kut dem

      @None of your Business Look at live syrian war map and find out who is controlling where. In armenia, libya those drones fought against a proper army and shot down panstirs and even s-300 anti air systems. ın cyprus, with all the embargo we captured northern part within days. There is a reason why turkish army is within top ten biggest armies in the world. It is not only about economics or population.

    • None of your Business

      @kut dem turkish troops continue to get injured and die at the hands of the terrorists that ultimately control Idlib, drone warfare against natons that can’t defend against it doesn’t show battlefield ability if they went against a modern military. The Merc’s that went to fight in those foreign lands are not turkish military personnel and when turkey’s military went head to head against Syria’s SAA they got beaten and pushed back rather humiliatingly

    • kut dem

      Military is all about experience. Turkish republic has now enough experience about modern warfare, with Azerbaıjan, Lıbya, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus. And as far as I know Tukrey now controlls Idlib.

  18. Robert Nijkamp

    Binkov you forget about article 5 of the Nato Handvest (an attack on one is an attack on all), and the relationship between Turkey and the rest of europe is strained at best. and how likely is it that for instance Israel would intervene on athene side

  19. Paris Georgakakis

    and the winer is greece we never lost war

    • Paris Georgakakis

      @Çağrı Acar 500 tanks. 50 aero planes 100000 Greeks. Can destroy you. In 20 days..you have no chance. But no one. Other power to interfere.. we have best pilots. And best tank operatorsin nato

    • Paris Georgakakis

      @Çağrı Acar you always had support. From. British. Or. Soviet’s. You can’t swim. In 1 meter water. Took 3 months to occupy. Afrin. Is a small. City

    • Paris Georgakakis

      @Çağrı Acar 1974. In Cyprus. All was staged from. USA.

    • Paris Georgakakis

      @Çağrı Acar 1921. You lost war until soviets helped you. 1941. We didn’t want fight Germany British. Assassinate our president.

    • Cengiz HAN

      YOU FORGOT EWERYTHİG POOR MATE …WHAT ABOUT 1071 1453 1921 1074 ????

  20. Baybars Ozturk

    Greece and France dont have any chance.

  21. Bryan Schafer

    God in heaven let there be peace Jesus name aman

  22. Tanak

    France might be a lot of things but they are not stupid, Go to war with Turkey only With Greece now your saying there f *****g stupid, it will never happen, in fact if Greece and Turkey ended up in a war right now ? Forget France not one country in Europe would lift a finger .

  23. Mitsos

    There is the international sea law, end of story. Turkey must stop provocations.

    • Olvustin

      So yes maybe it is the best job. Not for the reason you think tho :/

    • Olvustin

      Dont misunderstand me I dont like the current government but one thug bein able to threaten THE FRICKING TURKISH GOVERNMENT, is kinda insane.

    • Olvustin

      Ah then there is the current problem of my frickin corrupt government being threaten by an old mafia boss, threatening them with the dirty work they did to become where they are

    • Olvustin

      and worst of all greece is gettin over its problems and even pushin on us while for some reason we decided to go on a campain in Libya…WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING IN AFRICA???

    • Olvustin

      @Mitsos I mean the rising inflation, the autherian government, the %30 of university students not being able to find job…maybe your right, seeing our once okey country goin bankrupt makes us bit insane :/ last 2 decades wasnt our greatest time on this world

  24. Nts C.

    Yes they can stop Turkey in its trucks. But there are others players in the region 🇷🇺 🇮🇱 🇪🇬 that will take this as a chance to attack Turkey first. Thank Erdogan for his arrogance and his warmongering.

  25. Erdinç Yılmaz

    10 milyonluk yunan 80 milyonluk Türkiye kapışacak, minor victory olacak öyle mi🤣 Bu adam hikaye anlatıyor, dediği hiçbirşeyi ciddiye almayın. Kağıt üstünden boş yapıp cebini dolduruyor.

  26. maroctech

    Try Egypt+Turkey VS EUROPE.
    I believe the muslim alliance easly wins !

  27. Ibrahim FIRTINA

    Do you remember what happened the french, english,anzac,grec solgears in DARDANELLES

  28. Sencer Yiğitbaşı

    Aegean sea is our, come on babyy

    • Byzantine Nationalist

      No its not, it was always Greek, with majority Greek population and legally part of Greece.

  29. Onder Dinc

    never forget the 1922 war of greece and france.the sea of ​​islands awaits you

    • Κωνσταντίνος ΉπΜκ

      @Onder Dinc Come and get it Mongol. Cyprus will soon be fully Greek again.

    • Onder Dinc

      @Byzantine Nationalist 😂 you are very funnyyy

    • Byzantine Nationalist

      @Onder Dinc Greece isnt a weak state, its powerful both militarily and good enough economically even tho in a crisis for now. Either way Greece has big states in its side with a lot of influence and if turkey tries to attack it it will most likely end in failure and put into question the existance of turkey as a state
      its very likely that Greece will annex 2/3rds of anatolia in the future, and independent kurdistan is comming and because of these things so will a greater armenia

      kemal was smart enough to allign with the west, now erdogan wasnt to be neoottoman but that makes you the sick man of europe again

      you might talk strong and think yourselves as equals to the great powers but you will wake up one day with the russians on your soil and later on as part of Greece
      and you will never raise your heads again

    • Onder Dinc

      You can never come out alone. You are a small state. America invaded you. You are constantly attracting troops to your country and you are talking about independence

  30. The Michael Monroe Doctrine

    France can’t even stop Germany from taking Paris and they live there

    • kaya cenk

      @Soso Bel Turkey Army can beat greece + French + Germany. you guys weak

    • The Michael Monroe Doctrine

      @Soso Bel 00:26

    • Soso Bel

      What you say ? Today the french military power is better than Germany AND ITS A VIDEO ABOUT GREECE AND TURKEY

  31. Andreas Savva

    I hope this video and comments dont create more tensions.
    In a war nobody is a winner

  32. Philip Roche

    Not a cat in hells chance

  33. Tolga Hoca

    These info belongs to 10 years ago. A Greek Turkish war including French participation would go for hours. There would remain no Greece or French navy there.

  34. thekitchenchikens

    After the coup atempt in 2016 the turkish air force was purged and they had like 12 jet pilots left. Don’t know How bad it was for the navy.

    • Cengiz HAN


  35. T K

    Macron was barking at Erdogan a few months ago, he sold his 2nd hand weapons and fighter jets to Greeks and is now nowhere to be seen :d Now the US is doing the same, just in a different way, by opening bases and invading Greece.

  36. A Alb

    Don’t make a war for the pleasure of France or anyone else: with honest talks all problems can be solved.

  37. Ottaman Empire Muhammed

    world prepare for the great war, turkey will soon appear with its scary weapons and bombs. stay tuned…

  38. Engin Yeğnidemir

    If a war between Greece and Turkey ignites, first, missiles will be flying over sea of islands.

  39. Ado P

    *i m greek and i have no respect for both greece and turkey. None of those countries respected my human rights and offered me the prime teen virgin girlfriend that i deserve, therefore idc about the fate of both countries. Let them fight, i grab the popcorn*

  40. Max Iona

    The U214 is the export variant of the famous german U212A, which is considered the quietest and best submarine ever made.🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 and the U209 are also premium material for a low price.

  41. angry boy

    Seriously nobody:
    Greece and turkey viewers: no war

  42. Nix Jun

    All World events that are caused uby man can be changed by man. Goodwill and Sanity is prerequisite!

  43. h emre

    no war make law, greating from turkey, f*ck politicians

  44. Tédio oficial Isac Goulart.

    SCALP-EG in Greece: Just take off and let my radar do the rest.

  45. tr tc

    😃😃😃🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷peace at home,👍👍👍 peace in the world🌍🌍🌍ATATÜRK

  46. Evangelo

    Erdogan for World 🌍 leader 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  47. Gio Mit

    Greece France and Israel VS Turkey…..you know…!!!

  48. Titus Rocker

    at last .. egypt took it with no war lol

  49. Stuart Dowling

    The italian navy also has a say what happens in the med

  50. MyDreamside

    When Greece decides to really fight back ,Turkey is over , for one simple reason. If Nato and Russia see that Greece is not willing to continue to act like nothing is happening and start to not respond peacefully on Turkish provoking behaviors , then Turkey will be smashed because they will both see that Turkey is an untrustworthy counterpart and will involve to solve the issue once and for all since they will have no other option. Kemal managed to fool the west and Turkey was built at the expense of many ethnicities comitting genocides , mainly to Armenians and Greeks. But what Kemal built was a lie , Turkey got stronger and for decades used Russias and Natos rivalry to establish its position, Invading Cyprus , eliminating Greeks from Constantinopole(ignoring the treaties), profiting from illegal immigration trafficking, using Isis. Turkey has one ethnicity inside its land that didnt eliminate, Kurds for the simple reason that they were muslims but religion alone isnt enough to unite them. Turkey opens its own grave. Ofcourse we dont want war , but if Turkey doesnt build trust again, its over, their imperealistic fantasies will destroy them, they exist because they big powers wanted them to play the role of the intermediate , they forgot their role and try to act bigger than they are. Kemal was a diplomat he understood it and played the game cleverly. Turkey was never supposed to be big. Thats how things are like it or not.


    These two countries supported by USA and NATO. .İnfact their armies organized for stop Russian army.

  52. Onur Alp

    This video is very bad .you look global fire .turkeys army is always in first 10 army but greece army is +30 .army

    • Onur Alp

      If French come this War ,Pakistan must be come and after than look the war

  53. yasir akçay

    War is murder unless necessary

  54. LetsRock1t

    Lol why there is German – French war at comment section?

  55. timothy benton

    I think such a conflict would bring in Israel on the side of Greece, they have no love for Turkey (at least their leadership today).

  56. Benokan Ruzgar

    This Binkov puppets clearly has putins hand in it 😉 its calculations are absurd. How can you estimated that France will send CDG , they never sacrifice that to Turkish Naval power which will be submerged and on duty aroud Crete already!

    Also you think, such war takes weeeks or so…. the whole operation will not take longer than 96 hours to defeat entire Greek military assets.

    But more importantly, you forgot that both sides are NATO allies. They wont fight, without a certain provocation.

  57. FHR YMR

    I am a Turk, 40 years old, who also lived in Greece for 5 years. Both countries are shit, they failed to provide me the career opportunities, money, success, respect, and sexy women I deserve. Let them eat each other, I am going somewhere else, perhaps Canada lol

  58. Aluviel Tou

    Can you please update us on this subject 6 months after the original video? PLEASE

  59. Md Harun

    Turkey is a fighter country. They dint frear to sacrifice lives for their mother land.

  60. Greek Island Landings

    As the defenders and most internationally supported, Greece would win. Turkey may win an early battle and take a little island or a few fields in Thraki but the world will be against them

    • kaya cenk

      lolz remember 1974 no1 gonna die for greeks but u guys will lose 3-5 million people. For Turkey even loosing 10-20m not problem we can make a lot baby also we can bring Turkish people from central asia. even right now we bring a lot Turkic people from central asia and from china Uyghur Turkish people.

  61. Has has

    You are very stupid of you think greece is even a threat to turkey, theres at least 9 pissy countries that are at the Mediterranean against Turkey.

  62. Jonathan Duplantis

    Turkey is a traitor to nato

  63. stefanos lyras

    The data has already changed since the release of this video, in which the creator does not seem to know an important detail. That of quality excellence in human resources. And Im not indicating that he did that on purpose.

    When attempting an analysis we must calculate or even report all the variables of the equation. Diplomatic relations and geostrategic balances play an important role as well. @Binkovs Battlegrounds It is important to know because before I mentioned human resources, that a significant and experienced percentage of Turkish fighter pilots are currently in Turkish prisons. And this does not happen only in the Turkish aviation but in all their branches. Just half a month ago, 104 retired Admirals were prosecuted for daring to criticize a pro-government decision. One of them was the inspirer of the Blue Homeland.

    It is important in an analysis, at least in this one, to mention not only the equipment … but also how much of this (equipment) we can use it effectively. Greek pilots are among the top in NATO. NATO says that , not the Greeks although we believe that we are better.

    Lets go to what has changed or is changing in aviation.

    In a few months from now, the Armed Forces will immediately begin to gain supremacy in the overall balance of Greek-Turkish air power in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, after the first gusts of wind, the French Rafale aircraft, will have landed in Tanagra.
    The bill of the Ministry of Defense, which includes the three purchase contracts of 18 Rafale (supply of aircraft, continuous support system and their weapons) was passed by the urgent procedure by the competent committees of the Parliament and was voted by the Plenary Session.

    But what changes with the purchase and inclusion in the arsenal of the 18 Rafale Air Force, and in fact in their most advanced version, the F3R? Even the most sparing estimates predict that this weapon could change the balance of power in our favor. As they explain, fighter jets do not accidentally have the nickname gamechangers.

    The first and most important advantage that the Air Force acquires is that the Turks do not have such an aircraft. It will take them a long, long time to realize their potential in practice. The Rafale has a higher impact force compared to the F-16.
    They have significant trump cards, such as the Meteor missile, air weapon with the longest range, approaching 100 km, very long-range strategic missiles that Greece already has, such as the SCALP-EG missiles (two per fighter) and the AM-39 Exocet anti-ship vessels. They have the BVR (Beyond Visual Range) system that offers the ability to detect and strike aircraft at a great distance, without having visual contact. In other words, they do not need to be involved in closed air battles. They also have the famous Link16 system that allows them to work with the existing fleet (including F-16s).

    Although Greek, I believe that the Turkish industry is perhaps more developed, but at the moment, even after the restrictions of the Biden government, it is starting to face serious problems. As Turkish analysts have stated in the past, the battle in the Aegean will be judged first in the air. And there the Turkish neighbors were out of balance anymore.

  64. Mert Han

    Greece should accept this: we no longer live 1000 years ago. A Turkish-Greek cooperation in the Mediterranean changes all balances. How long will you live begging to usa or france? Turkey does not want your land. Only says we exist here too accept this.

  65. onur yılmaz

    Its too hard for a country like France which has very low national will to fight a war to join against Turkey.

  66. mtmt

    Yorgo. We want Athena and Selanik. Not only Islands. The grandfathers of all Greek citizens living today were born as Ottomans for 15 generations in the past. Go ask the ottoman to your grandparents. Do not trust poor France too. 500 Years The king of France was equated with our viziers. They were not taken to the Sultan

  67. maroctech

    All Erdogan has to do to win against weak France is to call on muslims for Jihad.
    We are 2 Billion muslims, once united no western power can stand against us.

    • Man of Kent

      @Marco Roberts He has a point.

      Very few muslims in the West are loyal to the countries in which they live, the overwhelming majority are here to exploit economies and societies their people are unable to produce, even fewer assimilate… which isn’t possible anyway because they’re not European.

      Their numbers grow every year, weakening the position of European regimes, and it’s not outside the realm of possibility that a large number would take up arms with their ethnic and religious brethren.

      There are already numerous “no go zones” in France, controlled by foreigners, many riddled with crime.

      They often chase out police and have mini riots, which is just one of the reasons the French Generals recently sent a letter to the government, signed by 10s of thousands of military personnel warning of civil and ethnic conflict if the current regime refuses to address the failures of a multicultural society.

      In your mind, Nationalism may be foolish but in reality, humans are tribal, it’s natural.

      You can see it even within “diverse” European cities, foreign ethnic groups self segregate, not only away from the natives but from other groups as well.

      In London for example, sub-saharan Africans are in the North, Sikhs to the West and Muslims to the East. What remains of the natives have moved to the South, most have fled the city altogether.

      The regime didn’t enforce this segregation, it happened naturally.

      People like to be around their own.

    • Marco Roberts

      You are blinded by your foolish nationalism

  68. Draw Line

    Greece is like a thief stealing Turkish rights.

  69. 23 nisan 1920

    The Greeks say that 80 million people living in Turkey do not have any right in the Mediterranean because the small island with a small population are belong to grece . island 580 kilometers far from the mainland of Greece and just 2.4 km far from turkey main land

  70. Panayiotis Yannopoulos

    The Greek Dodekanisa were not “given to Greece after war”. Were liberated by armed fight, they were under Italian occupation with 100% Greek population as from 4000 bce… Jesus…. what a hoax !!

    Or they are “close to Turkey”… were neighbors… can’t get closer than that!!

    • kuvikina

      PPT 47 given to Greece with a condition of Demiliterized! Turkey must recall its titles over those islands back as par with Lausanne and dont worry we will!

  71. Max Iona

    Finally, Turkey will be liberated.

    Im not kidding, its really awful there because of Erdoğan.

  72. Moppes 14

    I have to correct you in some points
    – all 8 Gabja/Perry class Frigates are extensively modernized
    – the turkish u boats even tough there outadated they are not inferior to the greek subs
    – greek would use there airforce mostly defending main land greece becouse of the fact that they already can keep more than 40 percen of ther planes up at the same time
    – u should also do more on ucav, i think they could realy do big damage

  73. Ivan Grozni

    As wars and deaths happended 100 years ago, bullshit just keep going now..

  74. Nick Balios

    We don t need anyone to assist us to defeat Turkey if they attack are home land. History is with us, right is with us and we are ready. If the dare to attack us, they are going to expierence the worst suprice of there lifes..!! So.. gome and get it..!! 🇬🇷🇬🇷

  75. Christian Dauz

    What if Modern Greek military was in WW2?

    What if a Modern Turkish Battalion aided the Arab Invasion of the 7th century?

    • Byzantine Nationalist

      Turkey didnt even exist in the 7th century

  76. Constantine P

    Greece=I am so happy that France Britain and USA are my friends😃😃🤩🙏

    Turkey:Come on my friends lets fight with Greece!
    I forgot it, I dont have friends anymore😐😐

    • X Iacta

      @Safak Kurt Oh yes, Greece is absolutely *horrified* of Somalia, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and the other meaningless countries you listed 😂😂😂

      South Korea and Japan are most definitely NOT going to be on Turkeys side in any war. Lay off the booze kid.

    • valimderr putinn

      @Constantine P uk is not in European union and Italy and Spain have opposed E.U. sanctions on turkiye and support turkish membership in E.U. , uk is also helping turkish areospace sector amid tensions with greece and France

    • Constantine P

      @valimderr putinn OK and I am the god!!!Do you understand that Greece is in EUROPEAN UNION?Whether they want it or not, theyre going to help Greece. But they want it!!

    • valimderr putinn

      @Safak Kurt uk , Italy and Spain are on turkish side

    • Safak Kurt

      Turkey: Come on my friends, lets hang out and drink tea!
      Turkeys friends (Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Qatar, Tacikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Albenia, Somalia, Northern Cyprus, Bosnia, Uzbekistan and more): We are behind you bro, we are behind you.
      Turkey is never alone. Dont trust your friends :))

  77. gôd óf Army


  78. Ismail Burale

    Turkey 🇹🇷 can handle 🇬🇷 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 and their Allies. WW1 remember

    • Byzantine Nationalist

      Lol you barely survived that by Soviet support.

  79. Emre Yildirim

    Fake 🤣🤣🤣 come and see we are waiting for you

  80. SA Т

    Greece alone cannot cant anything

  81. 23 nisan 1920

    greek children who talked about war. Eight thousand patriot turkish soldiers (8,000) lost their lives in the last 20 years to protect their homeland. You will know more about war when your mothers begins to loose their son and children begin to lose their fathers

  82. FOOTY Vids

    I don’t think people from Greece and turkey hate each other. It’s just politics 👀👀🤷🏻‍♂️

    • ali ali

      we dont but just america and france they are encouraging greece against turkey

  83. mtmt

    We are the sultan. Greece has been our province for 500 years. For 500 years, the king of France could not meet with the Sultan. If the vizier agreed, he would meet with the vizier. You have never understood Turkey. Turkish people have a Sultan spirit. We do not care much about you. If you walk along the road with a dog at night, the dogs will bark. Its normal. What is abnormal is that we bark at dogs. We have a spirit of sultans.

  84. Mr. Pizza

    The short answer: No
    The long answer: Yesnt

  85. TheTruth Sayer

    The real reason for war is that how to call a sweetness: Baklava or Baklavakis

  86. Spring Spiral

    The west will be the next

    Etape du tour.de la france

  87. Gogglethron 6000

    I love greek people 🇹🇷

  88. Bilal Kızılkaya

    Super power turkey. 💪

    • Marco Roberts

      Turkey is absolutely not a superpower

  89. Noone

    if a war broke out between Turks and greeks, it would not for the egean sea, it would be because of foods

  90. Berkan🌷

    video: turkey vs greece
    2 minutes later
    turkey vs greece, france, U&K, USA.

    • kuvikina

      me kreek, me poor, me has no balls.

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